Eugenio Menendez, D.O., P.A.

Pompano Beach Internal Medicine

I have known Elite Green's owner Alberto Perez for close to 10 years and he has been my exclusive Pest Exterminator service company all that time. He is completely professional, extremely knowledgeable as to the Pest Business and is a dedicated business person, an entrepreneur, who commits to be there promptly without fail, all of the time, and his work and his pest extermination materials work very well. He and his staff not only are highly successful with their pest extermination services, but also Alberto Perez is very knowledgeable about everything having to do with fruit and every kind of tree,plant, lawn and landscaping and the diseases that trees and plants suffer in South Florida. I highly recommend him to anyone requiring his services.

Orlando Comas

Landscape Architect

As a landscape architect, it is very important that after the projects are completed good maintenance follows. One important part of maintenance is that of fertilizing and pest management. Once I saw Elite Green's results in two projects, I started recommending them to my clients whom have seen great improvements in their gardens. I recommend Dependable Exterminators Corp. highly.

John Allen

We had to send our review because of our gratitude for the service provided by Elite Green. We have not had any bugs inside our house at all. Also for protection of our pets, Dependable has also kept our lawn free of ticks and bugs. Trust me, our pets thank them. Overall, we highly recommend them.

Andrew Betsko

I am very happy with Elite Green! Alberto fertilizes my properties in Coral Gables and Pinecrest. I have seen a great improvement in my grass and plants. They look beautiful! He also was able to treat my hedges for white fly.

Maria Garcia-Larrieua

Elite Green has been providing pest service for over 20 years! I cannot recommend them enough. Not only do I never see a bug in my home, but they also help with the garden pests and fertilizing.