Plant pest control in Coral Gables FL
Plant pest control in Coral Gables FL

Fertilization Services in Miami, FL

Dependable Exterminators is a family-owned exterminator and pest control company that began in Miami, Florida, in 1995. We have over 20 years of experience managing pest and disease control solutions for homeowners all across the Miami area. It is our passion and chief concern that your family lives in a sanitary, pest-controlled environment.

Protecting Lawns & Ornamentals

My name is Juan A. Perez, owner of Dependable Exterminators. For over 35 years, I have been working in the field of Pest Control and Fertilization of Lawn and Ornamentals both for commercial and residential properties. I started my business in 1995 when I was certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture. Since then, I have never stopped studying so that I can improve and set up new ways on how to control insects (ants, roaches, grasshoppers), diseases and nutritional deficiencies in plants by adding the proper mixing of the products according to label recommendations. Pest Control and Fertilization require quality products and the correct applications for maximum results. Here, at Dependable Exterminators, we use professional high-strength products that, with time and patience, will beautify your lawn and ornamentals by giving them the proper nutrition and care.

Keep Your Miami, Florida Palms in Beautiful, Healthy Shape

Our goal is to provide a unique kind of service for residents and commercial properties in the Miami area. For example, our expertise also extends into care for palms that are native to this area. Palms require special and specific nutrients besides granular fertilization and other details, which is part of the experience necessary to have beautiful healthy palms. For example, certain nutrients are not recommended in certain months because it may cause insects to multiply faster or disease to spread quicker. That’s why a good balance of control and applications is important.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my business. If I can be of any help with any of your projects, please call my cell at 305-989-5599 or write us at

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